Care for your hair with Nuances

Care for your hair with Nuances

We have a lot of awesome products, but it can sometimes be overwhelming when you're looking for a hair care routine! So we decided to make a list of the products, their purpose and how you can use them best for you!

Our Softening and Balancing Shampoo is gentle & sulfate-free so it will wash your hair without drying it out. You use this product once a week and make sure you wash it out! Any hair type can use our shampoo.

Ingredients: Aloe vera gel, castor oil, and coconut oil which help to create a lather that removes dirt and grease to leave your hair feeling and smelling fresh - truly one of our faves!

We have a few conditioners available for you to use. Some are for specific hair types so make sure you match the best one for your gorgeous locks!

Softening & Repairing Conditioner: This product helps to strengthen the hair shaft. This conditioner is used to repair and condition and is a thicker, clay-based conditioner so it can even be used as a hair mask! It's made for wavy, curly, kinky hair types and to be used once a week.

Ingredients: Shea butter, cocoa butter, avocado oil, and rhassoul clay, which all help to define your curls, exfoliate your scalp, strengthen your hair and to keep your hair soft and supple. 

Leave-in Conditioner: Helps to reduce frizz and comb the hair out to define your curls. Works best on wet hair and can be used daily on all hair types!

Ingredients: Mango butter and jojoba oil help to nourish your hair as you comb through it, leaving a soft, shiny sheen. 

We have some extra goodies for you to level up your hair care! Make sure you follow the instructions for hair types and use.

Moisturizing Hair Butter: This product is to moisturize and works best on wet hair as it seals in moisture after wash. For wavy, curly, kinky hair types.

Ingredients: Sweet almond oil, kokum butter and shea butter help to moisturize the hair, allowing for softer, shinier hair. 

High Definition Styling Gel: This product helps to define the curls. Can be used for edges on wavy, curly, kinky hair types on a daily basis.

Ingredients: Okra, which is rich in vitamins a & c which help to reduce dandruff. A cool thing about this gel is that it doesn’t leave flakes compared to other gels
and it is a light product.

Make sure you check out the directions section on each product page for a full breakdown! We have products for curly/kinky/coily hair types and can't wait to see your hair care journey with Nuances!
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