Eco-Friendly Program

Recycle & reduce program

R&R Program

We are always trying to find new ways to reduce our ecological footprint. That’s why we’ve created our new Recycle and Reuse (R&R) program to help you recycle your jars with us. You bring your jars back to us and we get to reuse them! We'll take care of sterilizing them and recirculating them.

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For every jar you bring to us, we are offering 100 Nuances Points
. If you haven't joined our rewards program but would still like to bring back your jars, this is also possible!

How it works

When you would like to bring back your jar*, please schedule a pickup here. You can bring your jars back in Lachine from Monday to Saturday. Only washed, and unbroken jars, with their lids will be accepted, please ensure the jars you are bringing back follow these guide lines!  

*This option is only available for those residing in the Montreal area as you drop them off.


Reusing your Jars 

If you have a great idea to reuse and repurpose your jars, please do so! As a universal size, Nuances jars can be used to store office supplies like pens and highlighters, be used as a cute pot holder or even for storage in the kitchen! Not to mention they make a perfect size for a cocktail (make sure you wash it out properly)! The possibilities are endless, so please think of reusing them before recycling them.

 Do you have a unique way to reuse our jars? Please share it with us! Let’s do our part to protect the planet together!